Months after I first got in touch with magic, I had the chance to meet the sweetest blended family. Though their lives have been intertwined by adoption, marriage and second marriages, you'd never know it. They're just one big happy family and the love between them is nothing short of astounding.

Their son Jarin was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2017. Sadly, he lost his battle this month, but not before I had a chance to spend a wonderful evening with them and witness the love and strength and courage of Jarin & his family first hand. I know one of Jarin's sisters through my husband's work, but it was the first time I had met the rest of their family. Within minutes we were all joking around, and I felt as though I had been welcomed into something purely magical. They told stories of their family and adventures (and even re-created a rafting trip-- see below image, it was hilarious!!), teased about childhood memories, and fell into a fit of laughter in the middle of a field.

I wasn't sure if I could handle the heartbreak that inevitably comes with sessions like this. Knowing you are capturing what may be some of the last images a family might have isn't something I take lightly. But I left this session with a clarity and a purpose. Jarin, in just a few short hours touched my life in ways I didn't fully understand until that night. I will be forever grateful to Jarin & his family. They give me pause nearly every day to make sure that those around me feel loved and appreciated, and to enjoy the little things.

A little bit more about Magic Hour is a non-profit organization that pairs professional photographers across the country with families. Through their generosity, families are given a session + images to treasure for a lifetime. Families receive digital images from their session and a beautiful box with the prints from their session.

If you know of a family in need of a session with Magic Hour, please share this link to apply

As you can imagine, there are a lot of families in need, and it's a big task to make sure there are enough photographers to cover that need. If you are a photographer and would like to volunteer, they are always looking for more photographers to join their organization.

And if you are not a photographer, help me support this amazing foundation by donating to them!!