It has always been a dream for my husband and I to have our own business in LeClaire! We've always love the downtown area and after we moved to LeClaire 2 12/ years ago, it felt even more special to be a part of the community in this way. As a new Mom, I've always looked for unique toys and clothing, but we've always had to travel some distance to find it. That's where the inspirations to open our our boutique came from. I wanted to offer this community something that I felt was special and unique!


We have a wide variety of toys that are handcrafted by Moms like me! Some are hand crocheted or stitched along with clothing designed and sewn by them personally! this has been my focus to find small businesses that I cam support, and offer unique pieces that are extra special for gift giving! We also have fun toys that have proven themselves durable, educational and favorites for kids of all ages, even grown up kids!

The main question I ask myself when I find a new item is "Would I buy this for my child?" There isn't anything that I carry that I wouldn't bring home for my kinds or dress them in. I have two eager product testers ready to play or wear what Mommy brings home!! I also try to find hard-to-find or toys goods that you can't buy at just any store.



My must haves or favorites for a new Mom would be anything with Lavender EO for those moments we are overwhelmed and stressed, a couple deep breathes with lavender can save that moment and cute headwraps because anyone whos had a baby knows that showering is a luxury!


Every new baby needs a good swaddle blanket! My favorite are large Organic Muslin swaddle blankets! They are great for anytime of year!!! They are also great for a nursing cover and burp cloth!!


Toddlers are busy and need constant stimulation! They absorb everything happening around them so It's so important to read to them! I believe there is always room in a house for more books, you cant ever have too many!


I dont have one specific product for preschoolers! However, it seems they are really fine tuning their fine motor skills and begining to problem solve and play with others! Anything they can build and get their little minds thinking is great like our marble runner or Peek a Doodle memory game! They can learn to play with others and problem solve and not even know because they're having so much fun!!


A little about my family and I.....We are adventure seekers!! We love getting outside, going for hikes, kayaking and camping! My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years and we have 3 dogs, Gus, Shadow and Sadie, they were our 1st kids and a big part of our family ! We have two boys, Camden 3 1/2 and Kellan 10 months! Camden is smart, silly, sassy and energetic! He loves cars and trucks, running around and wrestling with Daddy and his brother! I'm amazed by his curiosity and how he must know how everything works, I have learned so much just from all of his questions about EVERYTHING! haha Kellan is a sweet little boy, so smiley and also full of energy! Seeing both of them talk and play together turns me to mush!! There is never a dull moment in our house, to say the least! Before opening Bamboo Baby, I was a big runner! I completed my first marathon in 2016 and have ran a few half marathons over the last several years! I've always been passionate about health and fitness and making sure I take care of my body, I hope my boys are influenced by health and understand the importance of treating their bodies well!

There are some days I feel like a rockstar and others where I question myself and how I handle certain situations! Everyday is a learning experience and I just hope my kids know that I'm doing my best, and that everything I do is to better their life! My husband and I always talk to Camden about how hard work and effort are important to getting to our goals and we are trying to lead by example. I think every parent can agree that we are doing are very best and that is enough!!


It's interesting being asked to give advise for new parents because I don't see myself as an expert on advice since I'm still learning myself! However, I can say that often as a new parent your overwhelmed by everything and the most important thing you can do for yourself, your spouse and family is not to stress over the little things like sleep or how you feed your new baby or what kind of diapers it wears! Sleep will come, cherish those 2 am snuggles because when they are 5 that wont happen as often! If you choose to breastfeed or formula feed, breastfeeding is hard and a lot of work and if your willing to put forth the all in takes to do so, Great! If you choose to formula feed that is also great! Science is a wonderful thing and has come a long way! The bottom line is a well fed baby is happy! Same goes with diapering, cloth or disposable diapers are your choice, it doesn't make you better for doing one way versus the other. We should all support each other, not discourage or think less of because of our choices we make as new and always....we are all in this together!!!

Now that we've moved, I'm on the hunt for some new places to shop too! What's your favorite small or local business in Middle TN?
​I'd love to stop in and support more businesses just like this and had so much fun shopping for Christmas presents here. (Thank you

Wise Owl Outfitters for the perfect present for my parents!!)

Adventure awaits...

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